Frequently Asked Questions 

How many people can fit on the boat?

By law we can only take 6 passengers, though the boat is roomy enough for 10.

Does the boat have a toilet on board?

Yes it does. (It will be an experience to use it)

Are you allowed to bring alcohol or drinks/food on the boat?

Yes you can. We have a cooler on board packed with ice and water. You may want to bring your own cooler for alcohol or food

I sometimes get seasick, I can’t go!

We have had many many people on board, and not one person has ever been sea sick, even the ones who say they get seasick, haven’t. We get on and off at different locations so we aren’t on the boat all day.

What if its bad weather, raining etc.

There is a large cover over the top of the boat that protects us from SOME of the elements, the only time we cancel is if there is rain and lightning, or the weather is just plain terrible. We will call you in the morning if we have to cancel

How do I pay for the tour?

We accept cash or credit cards.

I speak a limited amount of English, will I understand the captain?

We try and speak slowly so you can understand us.

What time does the tour finish?

If you book a day long tour we generally try to get back in before 5pm.

Do you have any other tours available?

You can use the boat for anything in mind, you just have to ask or contact us.

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